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    About us

    WUXI CHANGYI MACHINE TOOLS CO.,LTD, which was established in 2004, has become the large-scale enterprise with complete varieties in the domestic industry of grinding machine through ten years of effort. We have walked through a striving road with blood and sweat. We thank all sectors of society for giving Changyi strong support and selfless love, and thank the cautious and conscientious employees who work hard in various positions!

    A gentleman should regard the personhood as the basis, and the human morality can produce only when the basis is set up; sincerely treat people and speak bluntly, govern things without prejudice. A person is only self-confidence and tries hard to make achievement, and an enterprise is even more so. Confidence makes us more confident in the environment with the competition and development coexisting and with opportunity and challenge coexisting; integrity lets us learn down-to-earth and unremitting pursuit, and speak by virtue of excellent, accurate and precision work. With the two points, the enterprise has taken root of development. it makes everyone in the enterprise shine the pragmatic and sincere light, and makes our partners meet the future with unbounded confidence like us.

    With “creating reputation by quality, getting benefit by management, honesty and trustworthiness, untiring service” as the purpose, actively advocate the new process, and carry out the operation principle “strict and realistic, quality first, customer as the center, keep improving”. Each Changyi footprint shows our constant pursuit and the commitment to society. Only in this way, we are worthy of our city and history.

    Good ideas come from the excellent culture. Respecting people is the essence of Changyi enterprise culture. Working seriously, treating people with tolerance and honesty, extensive and profound, and developing without end. We will keep trying, constantly pursue the first-class quality and services, and build the warm and open, sincere cooperation, pioneering and win-win atmosphere. We know very well that the achievements of the past have become history. Changyi will abide by the idea “honesty is more important than gold”, and promote the development of the career by the good conduct. We hope that we can join hands with the friends from all walks of life to achieve the enterprise objective “making contributions to society, sustainable operation”.

    Chen Guotang

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