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    MKS-4  CNC Deep hole internal grinder

    Home - Product - Deep hole internal grinding machine series

    Main application & structure
    1. This machine tool is a two-axis linkage CNC deep-hole internal grinder, which can grind the inner round hole of the work piece, the step hole, the inner cone hole, the inner circle end face and the outer circle end face. It has the functions of automatic feed, automatic rough grinding, fine grinding, automatic tool withdrawal, automatic dressing of grinding wheel, automatic compensation and so on.
    2. The machine bed is formed by wear-resistant iron castings, fixed by work piece box, reciprocating movement of worktable and feed mode of grinding wheel frame.
    3. The machine tool adopts Siemens programmable numerical control system to automatically correct and compensate the grinding wheel, automatically feed the work piece during grinding, automatically carry out intermediate dressing, correction compensation, grinding compensation, fine grinding delay, automatic tool withdrawal and so on.
    4. The feed guide rail of grinding wheel frame and the reciprocating motion guide rail of work table all adopt high rigidity and high precision rolling linear guide rail. The machine tool is a fully closed protective waterproof cover, equipped with fog absorption device, rear knapsack type electric cabinet and front rotary operating table.
    5. The work box can move left and right on the base skateboard, and can rotate the angle, and the work piece spindle adopts sleeve spindle.
    6. This machine tool is equipped with Ethernet interface for users to expand their functions. The main electrical components are Schneider, and the electric box is equipped with special air conditioners and special lights.

    Main technical specification

    S.N. Name Main technical specification
    I Weight of machine tool 12500kg
    II Overview size of machine tool 5300x2000x2500mm
    III Rated power 25.8kw
    IV Other parameters  
    1 Motor power of work piece 4kw
    2 Motorized spindle power of internal grinding 5kw
    3 Motorized spindle power of end face grinding 9-12kw
    4 Servo motor power of X axis 2kw
    5 Servo motor power of Z axis 4kw
    6 Max. moving speed of work table 10m/min
    7 Max. Moving speed of feeding mechanism 10m/min
    8 Rotating speed of work piece 50-500 Stepless speed regulation
    9 Rotating speed of internal grinding wheel 2000-18000 Stepless speed regulation
    10 Rotating speed of end face grinding wheel 0-10000 Stepless speed regulation
    11 Max. Rotating angle of work piece box -2 +4
    12 Max. Swing diameter of work piece Use center frame 500,not center frame 1000
    13 Max. Loading weight of work piece Use center frame 1000,not center frame 300mm
    14 Longitudinal stroke of work piece box 1200mm
    15 Feeding stroke of grinding spindle 300mm
    16 Longitudinal stroke of work table 1300mm
    17 processing range  
    18 Grinding diameter scope 50-400mm
    19 Max. Grinding depth 1000mm
    20 Processing accuracy  
    21 Roundness of inner hole 0.005mm
    22 Cylindricity of inner hole 0.02/200mm
    23 Surface roughness of inner hole Ra0.63um
    24 Tolerance of roundness shape and position of inner hole 0.010mm

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