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    MKF2115 Multi-function CNC grinding machine

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    Main characteristics of this machine tools
    ★This machine tools consists of three axises. Three axis motions adopt the rolling ball screw of the servo motor. Among them, X-axis is the feed system, and Z1-axis and Z2-axis are three-axis linkage multifunction CNC grinding machine of the reciprocating system.
    ★When clamping once, this machine tools can grind the workpiece excircle, inner circle, inner taper hole inner end face of stepped hole and outer end face. Grinding cycle is done automatically.

    Specification parameter list

    Model of machine tools MKF2115
    Maximum stroke of feed mechanism (mm) 500
    Maximum stroke of workbench reciprocating (mm) 400
    Swing diameter of work piece (mm) φ500
    Maximum load capacity of workpiece (kg) 50
    Revolving speed of workpiece(r/min) 0-800 stepless speed variation
    Revolving speed of grinding wheel(r/min) 10000-60000 stepless speed variation
    Motor power of workpiece(kw) 1.5
    Motor power of x-axis servo motor(kw) 2
    Motor power of Z1-axis servo motor(kw) 1.5
    Motor power of Z2-axis servo motor(kw) 1.5
    Grinding wheel electric spindle power of Z1-axis(kw) 5-12
    Grinding wheel electric spindle power of Z2-axis(kw) 5-12
    Resolution ratio of X-axis servo motor (mm) 0.0001
    Resolution ratio of Z1 -axis servo motor (mm) 0.0001
    Resolution ratio of Z2 -axis servo motor (mm) 0.0001
    Flow of cooling pump(L/min) 100
    Rated power(kw) 15-25
    The weight of machine tools(kg) 4800
    Machine overall dimension(mm) 2700×2300×2400
    Processing range Range of grinding diameter of hole(mm) 5-150
    Maximum grinding depth of inner bore(mm) 150
    Maximum outer diameter of grinding(mm) 150
    Maximum length of excircle grinding(mm) 150
    Machining precision The roundness of inner bore(μm) 2
    The cylindricity of inner bore(μm) 3
    Surface roughness of inner bore Ra0.4
    excircle cylindricityf(μm) 2
    Excircle roughness(μm) Ra0.4
    The flatness of end face(μm) 4
    The vertical degree of end face and inner hole(μm) 6
    Concentricity(μm) 3

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