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    MK1320 CNC cylindrical grinding machine

    Home - Product - CNC cylindrical grinding machine series

    Main characteristics of this machine tools

    Adopt the Germany Siemens or the domestic well-know brand of CNC system to achieve the cycle of automatic grinding work.
    This machine tools is equipped with the automatic timing quantitative lubrication to ensure the lubrication of guide rail and screw rod.
    It is equipped with the automatic online measurement, achieve the automatic cycle of the grinding work, and ensure the size accuracy of workpiece processing.
    The main shaft of the grinding wheel adopts the main shaft of the rolling bearing plus the sleeve or the dynamic and static pressure main shaft to ensure the rotation precision, rigidity and work stability of the grinding wheel main shaft during operation. The guide rail of the grinding wheel frame adopts steel guide rail.
    The guide rail of the workbench adopts the paste to mould rail, with the good wear resistance and shock resistance and high sensitivity.
    The machine tools is equipped with the fully enclosed protective shell to prevent the coolant from splashing and ensure the cleanness of environment and the personnel safety.
    The electrical cabinet and protective device of the machine tools are integrated, and are easy to carry, with the good sealing property.

    Specification parameter list

    Name \ Grinding length(mm) 300 500 750
    Grinding outer diameter(mm) Φ8~200
    Top center distance(mm) 350 520 750
    Height of center(mm) 125
    The weight of the largest workpiece (kg) 30 60 100
    Maximum longitudinal moving amount of workbench (mm) 400 600 800
    Maximum rotation angle of workbench(°)
    -3°~ +7°
    Moving amount of grinding carriage (m/min) 10
    The taper of head/tailstock top MohsNo.4
    Chuck diameter of headstock(mm) 125
    The movement amount of tail rack sleeve(mm) 25
    The largest size of grinding wheel(mm) Φ400x(40)xΦ203
    Motor power of X-axis servo motor(kw) 1 .68
    Motor power of Z-axis servo motor(kw) 2.29
    Feed resolution ratio of X/Z axis servo motor(mm) 0.001
    Motor power of grinding wheel(kw) 4
    Total power of machine tools(kw) 11.5
    Working precision (standard test specimen) Roughness (top test specimen)(mm) 0.0015
    Cylindricity (top test specimen)(mm) 0.003
    Roughness (short test specimen of chuck)(mm) 0.0025
    Cylindricity (short test specimen of chuck)(mm) 0.005
    Roughness(μm) Ra0.32μm

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